The Advantages of Using an OEM Integrator


Our customers look to nVenia for integrated solutions for packaging lines for many important reasons:

  • Speed: Our custom packaging equipment integrators are able to achieve up to a 50% reduction in design and delivery — and start the operation up to twice as fast.
  • Efficiency: Having one source oversee the entire project makes it far easier for customers to communicate and know who is responsible.
  • Seamless operation: We make sure that every component of the integrated line is compatible in design, controls and accumulation operation. We test the complete system before shipping it to you.
  • Flexibility: In most cases, our integrated packaging systems are modular in design, allowing you to economically scale the operation as your business grows.
  • Labor-related issues: Packaging automation solves a range of labor-related issues, including:
    • Enabling operators to focus on more important, less physically difficult and repetitive tasks
    • Overcoming shortages of skilled labor
    • Eliminating the high costs associated with labor force turnover
  • Increased throughput: Integrated packaging lines reduce or eliminate manual handling of product between and within steps of the packaging process. Using conveyors, for instance, to present items to the shrink packaging cell, and to offload wrapped products to a palletizer, positively impact line speed.
  • Floor space reduction: Integration reduces the footprint of the packaging line, in many cases dramatically. This becomes a crucial advantage when new manufacturing lines or other types of expansion are essential to your business.

If your company’s packaging operations have expanded in an uncoordinated fashion over the years — as is often the case — integration will bring dramatic improvements in efficiency and quality control. It is also likely that integration will result in a significant decrease in the cost of secondary packaging materials, with an improvement in packaging quality.

If you would like to start realizing these efficiencies today, reach out to the experts at nVenia.