Fischbein F-Series Portable Bag closer: Unbeatable For Quality and Durability


Bagging applications in the Animal Feed, Feed Additives, Seed and grain industries utilizing a portable bag closer rely on stitch consistency and machine durability in their rugged industrial plants. The nVenia FISCHBEIN Brand F-series portable bag closer sets the standard in the industry. It is the most reliable and cost effective portable you can buy due to its longevity, versatility, quality components and product support.

FISCHBEIN Brand portable components are engineered for quality and are easy to use and maintain. Versatile for both plain and tape sew applications, this fast, heavy-duty hand-held closer works with virtually all bag substrates including: paper (single/multi-wall), woven polypropylene, laminated woven polypropylene, net, PE, burlap and cotton bags.

nVenia’s top performance stems from our quality components. These components differentiate us in the areas of the drive mechanism and loop formation that ultimately provide superior stitch consistency and improve the total performance of the machine over time.

Quality OEM replacement parts and service after purchase are readily available through our strong network of distributors, and through nVenia, providing customer service support, parts and consumables.