Model 2090 Form, Fill & Seal Automated Bagging Brings Poly to the Bean Industry


The Model 2090 Form, Fill & Seal Automated Bagging System from nVenia’s HAMER Brand has the potential to revolutionize the way bean producers are bagging their product in the 50-100 lb. market.

Despite the upward growth trend in production and export of dry beans from the U.S. across most bean categories, bean producers have been hesitant to make the investment in new bagging technologies that will improve efficiencies at their plant and add profit to the bottom line.

For packaging, many dry bean producers are utilizing a paper or poly woven bag and are manually bagging these 50-100 lb. bags utilizing a scale to fill and then handfeeding them through a stitching machine to close. The switch to a polypropylene bag may bring cost savings, however with current manual bagging systems, poly bagging is not feasible.

The Model 2090 Form, Fill & Seal machine, combined with a 600NW+ Net Weigh Scale for filling, is the premier automated bagging solution for the dry bean industry. With its durability, ease of use, speed, the Model 2090 is the fastest horizontal form, fill & seal packaging system available with speeds up to 34 bags per minute. 

Some other benefits of the 2090 include:

  1. Supports many bag sizes, and changeover time between sizes is 15 minutes
  2. Reduced bag cost
  3. Reduced labor cost
  4. Built to last with fewer wear parts, resulting in less maintenance costs and downtime at your production facility
  5. Eliminates 70% of adjustments – no more operator standing at the machine

The nVenia team has been successful at converting many bean companies from manual bagging systems to this automated system. During this upgrade, the change to poly bagging, fed via polypropylene roll stock into the Model 2090, is seamless and results in significant cost savings and profitability.