Packaged Ice Palletizing Case Study: Triangle Ice


In 2016, Triangle Ice approached Modern Ice Equipment & Supply, an nVenia equipment dealer, to find a palletizing solution for their Savannah, Georgia, facility.   

Modern Ice collaborated with our team to design a semi-automatic robotic palletizing system to suit Triangle Ice’s objectives to decrease palletizing labor and increase production.   The first system was delivered to Triangle back in early 2016.  It was the first system that our HAMER Brand team designed utilizing the vacuum end-of-arm tool. 

The vacuum tool, which picks up either 5 – 5-7 lb bags, 2- 20 lb bags or 1 – 40 lb bag is an effective bag picking option for delicate ice bags. The ability to stack up to 5 bags at a time onto a pallet stack eliminates hand baling, manual stacking and associated labor. 

The overall response and feedback from Triangle Ice has been very positive.   A second similar semi-automatic robotic palletizer system was shipped to Triangle Ice' Walterboro facility in early 2017, further enhancing the palletizing automation across Triangle Ice's plants. 

See the Palletizing operation at work at Triangle Ice in this video link.