Breaking Down nVenia’s Equipment Brands


As a leader among primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging companies, nVenia’s brands are utilized worldwide. Our Arpac, Hamer, Fischbein, and Ohlson brands offer packaging and equipment solutions focused on integration and innovation. We engineered the equipment to integrate into packaging lines, operate in harsh production environments, and automate repetitive tasks. Whether your business is CPG or Industrial Products, nVenia has packaging automation equipment solutions that can increase your production, deliver solid ROI, and improve your bottom line. 

nvenia family of brands: arpac, fischbein, hamer, ohlson


nVenia’s Arpac brand has 45 years of experience producing secondary packaging equipment, including shrink wrappers, tunnels and bundlers, tray and case formers, case packers, robotic and conventional palletizers, and pallet stretch wrapper systems. The machines are ideal for various industries, including food and beverage, household products, pharmaceuticals, and hardware. The machines also handle heavy products to prevent injuries. The Arpac brand earned a reputation for producing equipment fit for the production line it serves.


nVenia’s Hamer brand equipment has been a market leader in large-format bagging and automated packaging solutions for over 100 years. We are the most trusted brand in large format horizontal form, fill, and seal automation. The machines cater to harsh production environments with products such as animal feed, food, agricultural seeds, minerals, and chemicals. 


nVenia’s Fischbein brand equipment gained a trustworthy reputation for over 100 years in reliable open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. The adaptable features on each machine allow them to integrate into semi or fully-automated bagging lines easily. Fischbein’s bag sealers are known for their durability, compact design, and innovative features, while the sewing systems are engineered for quality, safety, dependability, and cost-effective bag sewing. No matter your requirements, Fischbein has an engineered bag sewing and sealing system to satisfy your needs.


nVenia’s Ohlson brand equipment automates highly repetitive packing processes and offers customers a cost-effective solution to weigh products and fill containers. The machines package products ranging from sweet and savory snacks to pet food and nutraceuticals. For 50 years, we have provided multiple machines to ensure a seamless production line, from filling and sealing bags to weighing and inspecting the final products. The machine shapes and sizes are designed to fit your production needs and workflow.

At nVenia, our engineering team specializes in designing integrated systems that complement related packaging machinery. The adaptable features on our machines give our customers the confidence to know they are purchasing suitable equipment for their production environment. Contact us today to learn more about our trusted brands and how we can solve your automation needs. At nVenia, we build more than machinery. We build relationships.