Controlled Ingredient Mixing with Multi-Part Multi-Head Weighers


For food manufacturers everywhere, ingredient costs have skyrocketed. Whether it’s almonds, dried fruit, or other high-value ingredients, that puts an increasing focus on controlling the product mix in each bag for cereals, granolas, and trail mixes.

Some companies choose to pre-mix their ingredients and rely on that distribution as the products move through their weighing and packaging equipment. But that approach likely requires over-estimation of different ingredients in order to meet the required product mix; therefore, increasing product costs.

Alternatively, companies may choose to align multiple scales in sequence. But that also requires the purchase of multiple scales and forces operators to dose multiple times for every container – increasing labor costs for each package.

However, with an nVenia OHLSON Brand 18- or 24-Head Multi-Head Weigher specially designed with partitions to allow for multiple product infeed streams through one scale, companies can control their product mixes for up to four ingredients at once.

With speeds from 45 to 50 containers per minute for multi-part fillers (or more than 100 containers per minute for single-stream product) our systems can deliver ROI up to 30% faster than the competition!

Stop wasting products, money, and labor costs, and see what a multi-ingredient scale can deliver for your product requirements.

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