Easy Bag Handle Formation on Salt, Soil and Mineral Industrial Bags


When a consumer is carrying out heavy 30-40 lb. bags from their local home improvement store, they sure appreciate when a manufacturer’s packaging process includes bag handle formation on salt, soil and mineral industrial bags. Many manufacturers also tailor the graphics on the bag to highlight and promote this convenient handle feature.

How is the bag handle created?

The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 2090 is the one of the most versatile horizontal Form, Fill & Seal machines on the market today and is be able to incorporate this innovation in a variety of formats.

On the 2090, bag handles are formed in line before the filling process and during the side seam formation of the bag. These handles are usually created within a header film. That area that can be either specially developed into the film roll-stock by the film manufacturer prior to feeding into the FFS machine, or the 2090 actually has the ability to form this bag header from the C-fold film during the forming process.

For maximum durability, our team recommends implementing a two-step handle assembly for bags between 10-40 lbs. in weight. First, a header is formed in the bag, then a handle is punched while a re-enforcing patch of 8-10 mil clear poly film is applied. During this same process, some manufacturers also add a the “easy open” perforated tear line to the bag top to further enhance ease of use.

With simple options on the Model 2090 FFS machine, which range from just 5 to 12% of the total bagging system cost, you can provide the added value convenience and ease of use to your customers.