HAMER Brand Product Updates

Packaging Powders with Precision: The HAMER Brand VLR-B Automatic Bagging System

In the fast-paced world of modern manufacturing, efficient and accurate packaging of powdered products is crucial for success. The delicate nature of fine powders and dusty substances presents unique challenges that demand innovative solutions. nVenia’s HAMER Brand VLR-B Automatic Bagging System has emerged as a groundbreaking solution that not only...

nVenia Equipment Brands: HAMER

Hamer brand equipment from nVenia leads the market in large-format bagging and automation. Our machines are designed to perform various tasks in harsh production environments.

nVenia’s HAMER Brand Launches New Robotic Valve Bag Placer

nVenia, designers and manufacturers of highly engineered packaging equipment, and a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, recently launched their new HAMER Brand robotic valve bag placer solution during Pack Expo Connects.  The placement of valve bags onto valve bag filler spouts is a highly repetitive, labor-intensive task. In many...

Robotic Bag Palletizers: How Does Your Pet Food Line Stack Up?

nVenia’s robotic bag palletizers offer low maintenance and high productivity, and are a full-featured alternative to conventional bag palletizing systems. Proprietary software makes the equipment easy to run for all operators, regardless of their experience or skill level. Additional advantages: Smaller footprint Reduced risk of operator injury Ease of operation...

Looking For an ecommerce Packaging Solution? 

One of the challenges of ecommerce packaging is to create packaging that is both durable, and enhances the consumer experience. The “bag-in-a-box” integrated line from nVenia features equipment from the ARPAC, FISCHBEIN and HAMER Brands, and delivers a multi-format packaging solution.  The line provides right-size packaging that helps lower return rates by...

The Future is Now: Robotic Palletizing

Robotic Palletizing may be relatively new but the history of collaborations and solutions isn’t. The nVenia team has been an innovator in the packaging industry for more than a century. Yaskawa is a global manufacturer of voltage-variable frequency drives, servo motors, machine controllers and industrial robots. Together, our companies have...

Automated Bagging Operations and Real World Solutions

Automated bagging operation is nothing new. Going back into the mid 1980s and earlier, manufacturers began offering technologies to customers packaging their products in bags. nVenia’s HAMER Brand got its start in automated bagging when they introduced horizontal form, fill and seal to the packaged ice market in 1982. Since...

Setting Standards in Produce Packaging Accuracy and Speed

The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 355 Bagging and Weighing System sets the standard in produce packaging weight accuracy, speed, and bottom-line savings. This advanced, highly dependable system automatically dispenses between 20 to 100 pounds of potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, walnuts and similar produce into cartons, or paper, mesh, burlap and...

Robotic Bag Handling: A Model of Efficiency for Open Mouth Bagging

For companies managing open-mouth bagging processes, allowing changeover between paper and poly-woven laminate bags without downtime is but one productivity-enhancing feature of our next-generation robotic bag handling equipment. The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 1800RBH incorporates numerous design advantages that have our customers’ bottom lines in mind. The system includes a...

Keep Your Industrial Bagging Scale Operating at Peak Performance

Your bagging scale is your company’s profit center. Accurately measuring your products, reducing product giveaway, and keeping the bagging scale running smoothly directly impacts your bottom line. Here are some tips to help you maximize scale performance: Keep it Clean Your Model 600NW/200NW net weigh scales from nVenia’s HAMER Brand...

An Economical Solution for Gross Weigh Bagging

For an economical solution to gross weigh bagging of free-flowing, granular products, the nVenia HAMER Brand Model HGB is an unmatched choice. It’s ideal for fertilizer, sugar, salt, plastic pellets, seed and animal feed. Everything about this gross weigh mechanical scale emphasizes its simplicity and dependability. It is easy to...

Re-Inventing the Wheel for Mulch and Soil Bagging

When we introduced nVenia’s HAMER Brand 300VF – Volumetric Filler/Bagger to the mulch and soil industry in 2005, we believed using a leveling wheel for dosing soil, mulch and compost was the best way to manage accurate, repeatable bag filling. Hundreds of installations later, our customers agree. It’s simply the...