Robotic Bag Palletizers: How Does Your Pet Food Line Stack Up?


nVenia's robotic bag palletizers offer low maintenance and high productivity, and are a full-featured alternative to conventional bag palletizing systems. Proprietary software makes the equipment easy to run for all operators, regardless of their experience or skill level.

Additional advantages:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Reduced risk of operator injury
  • Ease of operation and maintenance 
  • Fast and simple pallet pattern adjustments

Specific to pet food packaging operations, the large-format bags and heavy target weights make manual pallet stacking a challenge – and with labor shortages continuing across the industry, the time to automate is here.

Our nVenia team of factory trained technicians are located throughout North America for fast, knowledgeable support – whether its for scheduled robot maintenance, programming a new stack pattern, or more.

Visit our website to learn more, or speak with one of our palletizing experts to find out how a robotic palletizer can keep your pet food packaging line productivity at a maximum.