An Economical Solution for Gross Weigh Bagging


For an economical solution to gross weigh bagging of free-flowing, granular products, the nVenia HAMER Brand Model HGB is an unmatched choice. It’s ideal for fertilizer, sugar, salt, plastic pellets, seed and animal feed.

nVenia HAMER Brand HGB

Everything about this gross weigh mechanical scale emphasizes its simplicity and dependability. It is easy to use and operates at low cost because it requires no electricity or compressed air.

This solidly constructed scale utilizes a mechanical counter-balance weight set. Easy weigh adjustments provide a range of 10 to 150 pounds with an accuracy of +/- 7 ounces, depending on the product. There is a mechanical indicator for weigh variance.

Fill rate is 6 to 8 bags per minute. The HGB features an adjustable flow control gate, and a 7 by 9 inch infeed. Installation is easy and the unit requires minimal maintenance to operate dependably year after year.