Automated Bagging Operations and Real World Solutions


Automated bagging operation is nothing new. Going back into the mid 1980s and earlier, manufacturers began offering technologies to customers packaging their products in bags. nVenia's HAMER Brand got its start in automated bagging when they introduced horizontal form, fill and seal to the packaged ice market in 1982. Since then, there have been many manufacturers entering and offering bagging automation technology. What makes our team different? Practical Innovation.

Many companies add layers of technology and call it innovation. Often this adds a level of complexity without creating value. Our nVenia engineering team focuses on practical, real-world solutions to customer needs, innovates carefully, and keeps designs simple. Our goal is to provide our customers and their equipment operators with designs that work consistently, have the fewest moving parts, and are easy to maintain and repair.

Design principles that our automated bagging machines focus on:

  • reduced compressed air usage
  • reduced wear parts
  • high consistent production rates
  • ease of operation and operator training

Whether you’re using open mouth bags, or form, fill and seal bags, nVenia's range of automated bagging solutions provides options for virtually every bagging company.
Here’s a quick look at the HAMER Brand industrial bagging options nVenia offers:

Model 3597 Bagger - Open mouth automated bagging machine that picks and positions the empty bag on the filler spout, fills the bag with product and immediately directs the filled bag to the bag closing station. Compatible with a wide range of products and has a performance range of 15 to 18 bags per minute.

Model 1800 RBH - Fully automatic robotic bagging machine for open mouth bags. Incorporates a Yaskawa MH-12 robot arm to capture and automatically guide filled bag into bag top closer, sealer or sewer.

Model 1200 BH - Semi automatic bag hanger for open mouth bags. Proven technology that reduces shop air consumption and runs at 20 bags per minute.

photo of bagging machine

Model 2090 FFS - The leading design in industrial horizontal form, fill and seal. High speed, 34+ bags per minute, east to run, easy to maintain.

Model 3100ex FFS - The only extreme duty horizontal form, fill and seal machine on the market. High speeds up to 34+ bags per minute, stands up to any environment, designed specifically for high bulk density, difficult products.

For more information on our extensive line of automated bagging solutions, please contact our team.