Fertilizer Bagging Automation Provides Significant Cost Reductions to Producers


Fertilizer companies are recognizing the significant impact bagging automation has on their bottom-line profitability. 

Form, fill & seal bagging automation from nVenia’s HAMER Brand utilizes thermal transfer printing to print real-time fertilizer blend formulations on a bag while in the bagging process, reducing the number of bags a producer must have on hand.  

Automation also reduces the labor costs of the bagging operation. Typically, one operator is running an automated bagging line instead of several operators that are required on manual lines. In addition, our form, fill & seal bags are less expensive than pre-made bags.  

Fertilizer bagging brings a unique set of challenges to bagging automation. Our team has been providing automation to this industry for more than 10 years with dozens of successful installations.  

We build our equipment to withstand the impact of corrosive chemicals. Equipment design is kept very simple with the fewest moving parts of any automated equipment. This allows plant personnel to run and maintain the equipment with minimal training. nVenia equipment is proven to last and provide years of return in these corrosive applications.  

View video of Hamer Fertilizer Bagging Automation.