HAMER Brand Equipment for Packaging Lawn & Garden Products


For more than a century, nVenia's HAMER Brand equipment has led the market in providing large-format bagging and automated packaging solutions. Our machines are globally recognized for their durability, catering specifically to the demanding environments of lawn and garden product packaging. With a comprehensive range of offerings, from form, fill, and seal bagging automation to palletizing and load securing, manufacturers can rely on our equipment to efficiently manage their lawn and garden product packaging needs.

Watch the transformative impact of our nVenia Industrial Solutions as they efficiently enhance your Lawn & Garden packaging needs.

Explore our HAMER Brand Products to enhance your Lawn & Garden production:

Form, Fill, and Seal Bagging Automation

nVenia’s HAMER Brand introduced Large Format Horizontal Form Fill and Seal bagging automation over three decades ago. Today, we are the most trusted brand in this type of bagging automation. Our equipment provides versatility and high-speed automated bagging to various production environments. The HAMER Brand 2090 Model is the most capable and flexible industrial form, fill, & seal packaging system available. It features a powder-coated sturdy steel frame to withstand corrosive lawn and garden packaging environments.

Manual Bagging

Bagging systems require multiple machines to produce a retail-ready product. We provide the additional components needed to complete your bagging system. Our manual bagging equipment fits the needs of industries packaging lawn and garden products in small packages and large loads.

Our HAMER Brand Model 300VF is ideal for bagging lawn and garden products sold by volume, including soil, compost, mulch, aggregates, seed, and feed. We recommend combining our volumetric filler with a HAMER Model Form, Fill, and Seal machine for integration into a single operator console.


As the leading robotic palletizer in North America, we offer the highest-quality palletizing systems. The HAMER Brand Fully Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizer utilizes automatic in-feed conveyors to pace product in-feed to the pick-and-place palletizing station. It stacks products on empty pallets with or without slip sheets and then feeds them to the stacking area. When the pallet is complete, it is ready for fork truck pickup or transferred to the in-line stretch wrapping equipment to automatically complete the pallet for shipment.


Our bagging conveyors provide fast and cost-effective bagging for packaging any lawn and garden products. HAMER Brand bagging conveyors perform upright bagging, conditioning, stacking, and power curve applications. The Model 5100 Bag Flattening Conveyor features a dual belt system to flatten bags before palletizing and evenly disperse the bag’s contents.

Open-Mouth Bagging Machines

Our open-mouth bagging solutions are versatile and reliable machines designed for operation in the most demanding production environments. Our equipment can bag various lawn and garden products including fertilizer.

Our HAMER Brand equipment presents groundbreaking solutions tailored for packaging lawn and garden products. Whether it's bulk in-feed machinery, palletizing systems, or load securing technology, our equipment guarantees top-notch performance, complemented by exceptional technical support services.

Contact our equipment experts today to learn which HAMER Brand equipment is best for packaging your lawn and garden products.