Net Weigh Scales: The Heart of Bagging Profitability


With thousands of net weigh scales in use worldwide, the scale is often the most overlooked part of any automatic bagging installation. Most net weigh scales in use today were developed over 30-40 years ago. But even then, some recent “new designs” are still based on outdated design concepts and do not offer significant improvements to this important category of bagging technology. 

We built a better product from the ground up 

When nVenia’s HAMER Brand designed the Model 600 Net Weigh Bagging Scale we looked at this technology from a whole new perspective. Our experience in form, fill & seal automation exposed us to virtually every design and manufacturer of net weigh scales. This is what our customers told us they needed in their bagging operations: 

  • Accuracy/Repeatability to reduce product giveaway 
  • Durability of machine parts with less maintenance.
  • Speed: As historic simplex/duplex designs were slow and expensive.
  • Ease-of-use: Many old designs are confusing to operate. 

We met the challenges our customers presented.

The Model 600NW beats all scale designs, hands down. With almost 200 units in operation since its launch in 2007, it has become the standard by which other scales are measured. Here’s why: 

  • Fastest design available. Innovative mechanical/software design increases material processing speeds by 50% over most other scales 
  • Extremely accurate at high speeds. With repeatability of .1 lb. on 50 lb. fills, each and every 50 lb. bag can be measured to 1-2 oz. accuracy to reduce overfilling and product give-away.
  • More steel construction. Designed for high-speed use with a wide variety of products, it’s built with double the steel of competing designs. With more than 200 units in the field, it’s the proven industrial design and the standard by which others are measured. 

Is your bagging scale robbing you blind? 

Are the scales in your bagging operation as accurate as you need them to be? Contact us for more information  on our Model 600NW bagging scale for your Seed, Feed, Fertilizer, Chemical or aggregate bagging requirements. Don’t let your bagging operation steal your profits!