nVenia’s HAMER Brand Leads Pellet Fuel Bagging Automation


Since 1994, the form, fill & seal machines from nVenia’s HAMER Brand have provided efficient, low-cost automated bagging solutions to the Pellet Fuel Industry.

Today, the HAMER Model 2090 not only provides a cost-effective solution, but when coupled with a Model 600NW  net weigh scale, provides the easiest to run, lowest maintenance automation available.

Using a simplex (single) net weigh scale over a Form, Fill & Seal machine will provide bagging rates of 22-24 bags per minute for typical 40 lb. pellet fuel bags.

With duplex (dual) net weigh scale, rates of 30-32 bags per minute can be achieved. In addition, our new low cost robotic bag palletizer  offers a complete automated bagging line at prices never before available.

Our bagging automation is used in over 70% of North American pellet fuel producers. And our equipment is the reason why.