VPB/VPB-K Model Cross Stacking Palletizer

nVenia’s palletizing solutions offer the quality and performance features demanded by the industry. With user-friendly touch screen displays, adjusting patterns is effortless. Each layer is meticulously stacked and compressed, ensuring the creation of a perfectly stable pallet.

The VPB/VPB-K palletizer is a high-speed palletizer with rotary head that can feed up to 25 bags per minute that features a specially designed rotary head for efficient operation. It enables high-speed feeding of bags, boxes, and crates, facilitating easy stacking on pallets. Adjusting stacking patterns is straightforward through the display interface, which includes graphical representations. Additionally, the palletizer can be equipped with a stacking box to ensure pallet loads remain within pallet size specifications.

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  • Integrating the machine into an existing packaging line is effortless, thanks to its compact footprint
  • Various patterns are easily adjustable via the display interface
  • The turning head provides high accessibility and ample free space
  • Compatible with multiple pallet sizes
  • Pressing time for each layer is adjustable
  • Suitable for packaging bags, crates, and boxes
  • Sturdily built for durability
  • Includes 500 adjustable programs
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Equipped with Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi capabilities

Standard Specs


  • Cross Stacking

Bag Weight

  • 10-110 lb

Electrical Requirements

  • 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz

Pallet Sizes

  • Standard: 48″x32″
  • Industrial: GMA & CHEP 40″x48″
       *not limited to U.S. pallets



  • Stacking box (several pallet sizes)
  • Sheet dispenser (paper, film)
  • Telescopic conveyor belt (higher capacity)
  • Inclined conveyor (with equalizer rolls)

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