VPG Model Cross Stacking Palletizer

nVenia’s palletizing solutions offer the quality and performance features demanded by the industry. With user-friendly touch screen displays, adjusting patterns is effortless. Each layer is meticulously stacked and compressed, ensuring the creation of a perfectly stable pallet.

The VPG palletizer features a specialized gripper tailored for cross-stacking bags onto pallets, that can feed up to 15 bags per minute. This gripper efficiently arranges bags on the pallet in layers, ensuring stability and space optimization. Each layer, comprising multiple bags, is meticulously stacked on the pallet. Subsequently, the entire pallet is firmly pressed against the sliding table’s bottom, guaranteeing uniformity and stability in the pallet’s structure. The system offers flexibility through a user-friendly display interface, allowing easy adjustment of layer configurations to accommodate diverse bag sizes and stacking requirements.

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  • The machine integrates seamlessly into existing packaging lines, facilitated by its compact footprint
  • Various patterns are effortlessly adjustable via the display interface
  • Adept at cross-stacking bags for enhanced stability
  • Compatible with multiple pallet sizes
  • Press time per layer can be independently configured
  • Constructed robustly to withstand operational demands
  • Offers 500 freely adjustable programs for versatile operation
  • Requires minimal maintenance, ensuring operational efficiency
  • Equipped with Ethernet and WIFI capabilities for enhanced connectivity

Standard Specs


  • Type: Cross Stacking


  • Bag Weight: 10-110 lb

Electrical Requirements

  • Electrical: 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz

Pallet Sizes

  • Standard: 48″x32″
  • Industrial: GMA & CHEP 40″x48″
    * not limited to U.S. pallets



  • Stacking box (several pallet sizes)
  • Sheet dispenser (paper, film)
  • Inclined conveyor (with equalizer rolls)

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