Animal Feed Bagging Case Study: Kent Nutrition Group


Outfitting numerous plants with efficient weighing, bag handling and closing systems, nVenia's HAMER and FISCHBEIN Brands have helped to bring consistency, reliability and increased quality across the Kent Nutrition Group (KNG) feed plants. 

 "Quality is the number one thing that they pride themselves on as well as providing quality service throughout the system is of utmost importance,” said KNG's Vice President Mike Gauss. 

Plant employee cross-training and self-policing are also core programs the ensure the highest level of process and product quality. Recent equipment upgrades across 15 plants allowed them to standardize bagging line processes and easy to run, reliable equipment has facilitated their ability to cross-train. Per Gauss, "updates were made to primarily increase efficiencies and keep up with changing times and products." He further added that their top objective is "to create a more quality product at a faster rate." 

Recent equipment upgrades have directly contributed to the quality of KNG's feed products. KNG installed semi-automatic systems that include: a HAMER 600NW Net Weigh Scale, a 1200BH Open Mouth Bag Hanger, and a FISCHBEIN 400TNS Tape Sew Bag closing system.   

The feed mill in Rockford, IL, is one of the plants where the new packaging line was installed.  According to Tom Smolen, Plant Manager at the Rockford location, after several months of working with the new equipment they are experiencing "increased throughput by more than 50% with the new bag hangers, and have seen a significant improvement in the overall weight accuracy of its bag scales." 

This post includes excerpts originally published in Feed Management magazine, Nov./Dec. 2016.