Automate Your Industrial Bagging


Increase profits and reduce labor costs and production downtime with bagging automation from nVenia’s HAMER Brand. Using our experience in building over a thousand industrial Form, Fill & Seal machines, we developed the first high speed, high reliability, low operator interaction machine for automating industrial bagging.

Check out the many benefits of the 2090 Form, Fill & Seal for automatic bagging. Here’s how the 2090 performs in different bagging everywhere:

Fast: High speed at 34 bags per minute. It’s the fastest horizontal form, fill & seal machine available. Bag more seed per hour than manual bagging lines to increase profits.

Reliable: Reduce production downtime with half the moving parts of previous designs, and a reduction in operator adjustments by 90%. The HAMER Model 2090 provides consistent bagging operation.

Easy to use: Bag change over time from large to small sizes can be completed in less than 15 minutes, keeping your bagging rate high and labor costs low.

Durability: Double sealed pulleys, SEW Eurodrive motors, 24 VDC controls, heavy duty air cylinders and valves all add to the machines uptime performance and reduce repair costs.

Variety of bag features: Handles re-closeable seals, corner seals, printers/coders and other options are available. We have the machine for your plant’s needs.