Automatic Coding Options for Fertilizer and Mineral Bagging


Fertilizer and mineral bagging producers have found significant cost savings by including the Allen NGT8 Thermal Transfer Printer large format in-line thermal transfer printer in their bagging operations. Why? The savings comes from not having to print SKU specific packaging/film, as well as the elimination of custom printed labels or slip sheets that later have to be hand applied to the bags.

nVenia's HAMER Brand has integrated the NGT8 into its Model 2090 Form, Fill & Seal machine to allow for in-line customized thermal printing abilities.

The printer handles printing variable information from 2” to 8” in width, or up to an 8” x 6” area, onto product packaging. Its many programmable options include: bar codes, text, graphics, different fonts, real-time, date coding and serialization – all at a high-resolution print quality of 300 dpi. An optional control unit display is also available.

So if you are looking for way to streamline your packaging operations, consider incorporating an in-line thermal printer on your form, fill & seal machine.

This combination of automated bagging and high speed, high quality thermal printing allows producers to reduce bag cost, bagging labor and line changeover time, improving production quality and increasing productivity.