Automatic & Pneumatic Roll Lift Speeds Up Film Change for Automated Bagging


Bringing improved efficiency to film changeover for nVenia’s HAMER Brand form, fill & seal machines is a newly developed pneumatic roll lift - a convenient upgrade to the standard Horizontal Roll Stand.

This new roll lift automatically picks up full rolls of film from the ground position, eliminating the need for fork truck or hoist loading of full rolls. The Horizontal Roll Stand can be used with either the HAMER Brand 3100 or 2090 form, fill & seal systems.

Roll changes are fast with the pneumatic roll lift.

Simply insert the core holder in the roll and roll into place. Then, with the push of a button, the film roll is lifted into place, ready for threading into the form, fill & seal machine.

Less changeover time means higher production rates and more pallets per hour. No fork truck or hoist lifting rolls improves plant safety too. This option handles rolls up to 40” OD.

See the pneumatic roll lift in action in this video.