Automotive Packaging Equipment


To meet the diverse demands of the automotive industry, nVenia's ARPAC and HAMER Brands present a versatile array of equipment solutions designed for packaging a wide range of automotive parts, such as air filters, batteries, brake parts, and much more. Our machines are engineered to ensure efficient and seamless execution of both secondary and end-of-line packaging processes.

ARPAC Brand Equipment

Backed by our seasoned engineering team, boasting decades of experience in automated packaging systems, our ARPAC Brand equipment offers comprehensive solutions that streamline your packaging processes. Our multipackers, tray wrappers, and shrink wrappers bring precision and efficiency to automotive packaging lines.

Shrink Bundling Multipackers

Designed to place logos, graphics, and advertising messages precisely on bundles, ARPAC Brand Multipackers create attractive products. Our equipment accommodates a wide range of finished products, including unitized products on pads or trays and unsupported film-only applications. We offer two different models of multipackers for use in the automotive industry.

Tray Wrappers

The ARPAC Brand 45TW Model Tray Wrapper efficiently wraps trays, bundles, or packs in automotive packaging lines. It can wrap up to 45 products per minute in a single-tier or stacked arrangement. The machine’s rugged design ensures years of reliable service even in the harshest environments. Watch our tray wrapper at work packing and wrapping automotive parts to see the value these machines offer.

Shrink Wrappers

ARPAC Brand Shrink Wrappers are high-performance wrappers designed to increase productivity, reduce wear & tear on parts, and eliminate time and energy waste. The continuous motion design allows the equipment to operate with a smooth, fast, and unbroken flow. These machines are ideal for bundling together groups of auto parts for distribution and shrink-wrapping products like car filters for the automotive industry. The S Series is available in a traditional cross seal or a top seal orientation to accommodate a range of products at up to 120 packages per minute. 

HAMER Brand Equipment

nVenia’s HAMER Brand equipment is a market leader in large-format bagging and automated packaging solutions. Our machines are utilized worldwide and are designed to withstand harsh production environments. 

Form, Fill, and Seal Bagging

Our form, fill, and seal bagging equipment provide versatility and high-speed automated bagging to various production environments. The Model 2090 is the most capable and flexible industrial form, fill, and seal packaging machine available. The equipment features high-speed production, straightforward operation, and simple maintenance.

The HAMER Brand Model 300VF Volumetric Filler provides consistent product flow for hand-bagging or automated form, fill, and seal (FFS) packaging machines. It is ideal for packaging automotive products sold by volume and features reduced maintenance and downtime. When combined with an FFS machine, the volumetric filler can integrate into a single operator console. 


Our fully automatic robotic bag palletizing systems utilize automatic in-feed conveyors to pace product to the pick-and-place palletizing station. The palletizer can accommodate cases, trays, bundles, and bags and stack products on empty pallets with or without slip sheets. These systems are easily integrated into packaging lines and eliminate labor-intensive work while handling heavy products and stacking pallets to exact specifications. 


Our HAMER Brand pallet dispenser and pallet sheet dispenser are designed for use in an automated palletizing system. They are durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. The Pallet Slip Sheet Dispenser picks up and delivers a slip sheet on top of an empty pallet. The Pallet Dispenser consistently feeds pallets to the bag palletizing station. The dispensers work seamlessly with our High-Speed Industrial Robotic Palletizer to stack finished products.

Our equipment provides efficient and seamless solutions for secondary and end-of-line packaging in the automotive industry. With capabilities in shrink wrapping, tray and case packing, palletizing, and stretch wrapping, manufacturers can rely on these machines to ensure a profitable and well-optimized production line.

nVenia’s ARPAC and HAMER Brand equipment is designed for efficiency, reliability, and precision within automotive packaging lines. Talk with our equipment experts today to find the best machines for packaging your automotive products.