Bagging Scale Technology Runs Faster, More Accurately


To put it simply, the nVenia HAMER Brand Model 600NW simplex gravity feed scale outperforms every other net weigh bagging scale produced.

The Model 600NW, with its first generation introduced in 2007, offers simplex (single scale) gravity feed bagging rates of 22-24 bags per minute on most 50 lb bags, running 40% faster than old technology designs - with no impact to bag fill accuracy.

With hundreds of proven high speed simplex installations across North America, HAMER Brand Model 600NW simplex scale customers save an average of $14,000.00 when comparing against competitive duplex scales required to run the same rate.

More accurate, higher speed, more durable. Our model 600NW offers proven results. Why not put it to work in your plant today and start saving money immediately?