Exclusive Design Innovation – Secondary Settling Device for Soil and Mulch Bagging


nVenia's HAMER Brand now offers a unique product-settling device for soil and mulch bagging that can be incorporated on the Model 2090, the industry leading horizontal FFS bagging machine.

Due to the irregular flow and handling of soil and mulch products, ensuring consistent product runs can be challenging. Product left too close to the top of the film will impede proper bag sealing and may cause bag jams. This requires an operator to continuously monitor the machine filling process.

A second settling station is now available for the Model 2090 and is designed to address this specific issue. While the bag is being filled, a bottom settler is activated. Often, the last clumps of product fall after the bottom settler has completed its cycle. This is when the secondary settling device comes into play.

In our exclusive staged bag area, immediately after the bag is filled, the 2nd settler impacts the bag top by tamping down clumps of the material to ensure a clean transfer right before it passes through the bag top sealer. The benefits are numerous: a clean bag seal, a reduction in bag jams and operator monitoring, which results in increased productivity in your mulch bagging operation and less labor on each line.

Now you don’t need an operator to watch each machine – they can run the line and let the machine run.

This form, fill & seal option can be added to your new Model 2090 order or retrofitted on any Model 2090 in your plant. Contact our team today to learn how the second settling station will improve bagging line efficiency in your soil and mulch operation.