Fertilizer Bagging Customers Find Success with the 600NW Net Weigh Scale


nVenia’s fertilizer bagging customers are reaping the benefits of utilizing the 600NW Net Weigh scale in their facilities.

Fertilizer producers are aware that every year it becomes more costly to produce those specialized, proprietary fertilizer blends. In order to maintain competitive pricing, you should reassess your bagging equipment to make sure that you are getting the fill accuracy, technology and durability needed to run a well-paced and profitable bagging operation.

nVenia can prove to you how replacing your old scale and/or filler can add to profitability in your bagging operation. There are inherent problems with older technology bagging scales, including repeatability issues – sometimes giving away ¾ lb. to 1 lb. per bag or more. This leads companies to overfill in order to make sure they meet their fill standards.

Another key advantage of the 600NW is its extreme accuracy, achieved through direct mounted load cells that respond much faster and are more accurate than traditional scale designs, which depend on transfer rods, flexures and suspended weigh hoppers. HAMER Brand proprietary load cell technology, combined with a solid weigh bucket design, helps to ensure the most repeatable fill accuracy rates possible. Maintaining consistent fill accuracy is also vitally important in controlling raw material costs and shipping costs.

Fertilizers can be very corrosive and hard on your packaging equipment. We recommend the 304 stainless steel option to our fertilizer customers in order to get the durability needed to ward off corrosion year after year.

Speed is another area where our customers are seeing significant improvement. Historically, older simplex (single) configuration scales have simply not had the speed that you can achieve today with the nVenia HAMER Brand simplex bagging scales. You could only run about 10-12 bags per minute, compared to the fast rates that can now be achieved – upwards of 18-22 BPM for a gravity feed system. Bagging can only go as fast as your scale, so having a fast running, accurate scale can help to pace your entire bagging system.

For fertilizer bagging, your highest bag rates will be achieved when utilizing the 600NW combined with our  Model 2090 or Model 3100ex FFS automated bagging machines. However, it can also be effectively utilized in a more semi-automated set up with our Model 1200BH Bag Hanger, for pre-made, open mouth bags. We also still see some prominent fertilizer companies getting over 20 BPM utilizing the scales as their main filling/bagging system in more of a manual bagging set-up.

This vital piece of equipment brings numerous benefits to fertilizer bagging customers. nVenia's HAMER Brand 600NW scale provides the most repeatable, accurate filling, combined with unmatched durability and speed of any bagging scale on the market today.