Form, Fill & Seal Corrosive Protection Options for Bagging Chemicals and Minerals


Bagging chemicals and minerals such as fertilizer, salt, calcium chloride, ice melt, and metal oxides with high corrosive properties can cause excessive wear and tear on your form, fill & seal machine components leading to extra maintenance, parts service and machine downtime.

The Model 2090 automated bagging machine from nVenia’s HAMER Brand can be reinforced with several corrosive protection options to prevent the breakdown of components due to the chemical reaction from direct product exposure or from environmental exposure in coastal regions.

Through our vast experience with FFS in corrosive applications, we have identified several key areas of the Model 2090 that require maximum corrosion protection. The conveyor beds and heat sealer need to be painted, and 304 stainless steel hardware/fasteners are incorporated on machine adjustment areas, lift chains, fill opening racking, and other critical adjustment components. Protection can also be expanded to product contact points, which are upgraded to 316 stainless steel. nVenia also offers NEMA 4X 304 stainless protection for electrical junction boxes and vital control panels/enclosures to assure that the electronics continue to operate in a corrosive environment.

When you consider that a FFS bagging machine will provide you with many years of high-level bagging productivity in your bagging line, it is wise to make the initial investment in corrosion protection.

If you are packaging a product with corrosive properties, ask your sales representative how these options configured on your Model 2090 can provide you with the highest level of protection and keep your machine operating at top performance.