Hand Bagging Systems for Mulch, Soil and Compost Products


With the introduction of the nVenia HAMER Brand Model 300VF volumetric filler, our team offers low cost, effective hand bagging systems for a wide variety of Lawn and Garden products such as potting soils, mulch and composts.  

Using a simple hand bagging chute, the Model 300VF clamps a pre-made poly bag in place as an operator hangs it for filling.  

Once filled, the bag is transported on a Model 4000  upright bag conveyor and sealed with a FISCHBEIN Brand HAS 220 Hot Air Sealer.  

The HAS 220 hot air sealer is the industry standard poly bag sealer, meeting all environmental and operational requirements of demanding bagging applications. We also offer a variety of bulk in-feed hoppers and conveyors for virtually any Lawn and Garden product.