Ingredients are on the Rise – So Are Hermetic Sift-Proof Seals


As consumer demand for unique food ingredients grows, ingredient suppliers across the country depend more than ever on their packaging equipment. nVenia's bag sealers produce hermetic, sift-proof seals to help guarantee product integrity and maximize profit.

As an industry leader in bag closing technology, our customer base penetrates deep into production plants across the country. We have more than a century of experience in food ingredient industries including: food additives, flour and bakery mixes, spices, food mixes, beans, lentils, rice and more. 

Our large breadth of bag sealers close all types of industrial bags: multi-wall paper, pinch bottom open mouth, PE liner, poly-thru-paper, and more. Our Pinch Bag Closers and Pinch Inner Liner Sealers are the industry leaders. 

The PBC 6000 (Pinch Bag Closer), PILS 300 (Pinch Inner Liner), and PILS 330 (Pinch Inner Liner with Capsac) paper bag sealing systems are designed to seal today’s pinch style multi-wall paper bags (with or without a PE liner) with a secure sift-proof bag closure.

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