Mulch Producers Experience 25% Bagging Productivity Gain


During the first quarter of 2011, the team from nVenia’s HAMER Brand started-up several new mulch bagging lines, and the results have been impressive.  

All of these new systems have seen gains of 6, 8 or more bags per minute over their previous production capabilities. The average gain in productivity for all of these plants has been greater than 25% per line!  

This is due to HAMER Brand’s next generation bagging technology like our Model 300VF  volumetric filler, our Model 2090  Form, Fill & Seal automated bagging line and our all new Model 50  bulk hopper.  

Having in-feeds tuned to these new bagging rates is critical to maintaining high-speed production.  

Using older style feed hoppers or home-built systems typically don’t provide the speed and consistency of material feed needed to keep the new bagging technology running at consistently high rates. It’s like bagging with one hand tied behind your back! 

Customers using our full-line system design services are finding start-up time is greatly reduced and that they are able to reach expected productivity gains much faster than they had putting together lines from a variety of suppliers.