Next Generation Bagging Equipment Reduces Costs by up to 60%


The latest line of nVenia HAMER Brand industrial bagging equipment, including our Model 300VF Volumetric FillerModel 600NW Net Weigh Scale and Models 2090 and 3100 Industrial Form, Fill & Seal automated bagging machines have been designed from the ground up to lower labor and maintenance costs by demonstrating: 

  • Longer run times on components 
  • Less maintenance and fewer replacement parts needed 
  • Less operator interaction 
  • More uptime than any other industrial products made today 

All our machine designs are based off our 20+ years of customer experience in hundreds of installations and applications.  

Machine designs feature more durable motors and drives, heat-treated or AR (abrasion resistant) wear parts, updated 24 VDC electronic controls and a reduction in operator adjustments and interaction to reduce total cost of machine operation.  

In recent studies over a 3 year period, we determined wear parts consumption on Model 600NW Net weigh scales, Model 300VF Volumetric Filler and Models 2090/3100 are more than 60% lower than competitive equipment. This means more uptime for your plant, easier operator training and significantly reduced year-to-year operating costs. 

If that sounds good to you, contact our team today.