So You Are Thinking About Shrink Wrapping Your Products


By Dave Campbell, Director of Engineering Applications 

Are you thinking about shrink wrapping your products for shipping? You might be asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need a pad to support them?
  • Do I need to put them in trays?
  • Which process is more versatile?
  • Can I get the film printed so my products are ready for retail?
  • What’s the difference in cost?
  • And finally: What if I pick the wrong one?

The solution:

nVenia’s ARPAC Brand BPTS

The BPTS is a multi-function machine that can do it all! It can:

  • arrange a group of products and wrap them in film
  • place the group of products on a corrugated pad then wrap them in film
  • place the products in a tray
  • place them in a tray AND wrap them

And yes, it runs clear or printed film!

Check out some of our BPTS machines in action here:

We know, this sounds like it can get complicated.  

The good news is, nVenia’s sales and engineering teams have decades of expertise under their belts and can help you design and layout the perfect solution for your product, facility and output goals. 

The best part of these machines is they grow with you! Set your goals now and keep hitting them 10 years from now with nVenia’s ARPAC Brand BPTS. 

Contact us today to get started.