nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand: Much More to Bag Closing Than Just Sewing Machines


In the bag closing industry, nVenia's FISCHBEIN Brand is synonymous with sewing equipment. And rightfully so - the FISCHBEIN Brand has been an industry leader in bag sewing systems for more than 100 years.

The FISCHBEIN Brand's bag sewing success penetrates deep into production plants across the world and includes dozens of industries such as: animal feed and feed additives, agricultural seed, fertilizers, chemicals, minerals, pet food, cat litter, powdered dairy products and bakery mixes, and more. However, what might be less evident is that the FISCHBEIN Brand offers a much larger breadth of line of cutting-edge bag sealer technology that closes all types of industrial bags: poly, poly-woven, poly-laminate, pinch style and paper.

Hot Air and Band Sealers

For top solutions for closing polyethylene bags (flat, pillow or gusseted), choose from the FISCHBEIN Brand's full line of hot air or band sealers. The HAS 300 is a heavy-duty production hot air sealing system designed specifically for heavy gusseted or non-gusseted bags of various sizes and thickness. It produces a strong, sift-proof closure at high speed. Rotary band sealers, like the Saxon SB 3000 offer even more versatility to produce reliable, esthetic polymer seals on flat or gusted bags or pouches made from polyethylene, poly-laminates, and co-extrusions.

Pinch Bag Sealers

The usage of “pinch style” bags in industrial markets continues to grow. The FISCHBEIN PBC (Pinch Bag Closer) and PILS (Pinch Inner Liner Sealer) paper bag sealing systems are designed to seal today’s “pinch style” multi-wall paper bags (with or without a PE liner) with a secure sift-proof bag closure. The PBC 6000 pinch bag closer is a state-of- the-art sealing system specifically designed to seal pre-glued, multi-wall pinch-style paper bags. The PBC 6000 runs faster, more efficiently and reliably than competitive models. The ability to produce a consistent, aesthetic looking, sift-resistant closure, makes this machine perfect for sealing pinch style bags for numerous applications.

Hot Melt and Bag Inner Liner Sealers

For “open-mouth” paper bag applications that do not have pre-applied adhesive, the FISCHBEIN Brand’s DRC-300 or 330 are the perfect equipment closing solution. These self-contained, hot melt adhesive sealers, trim the bag top, apply the precise amount of hot adhesive and instantly seal the bag with a double roll closure. The complimentary sealer, PTP 300 (Poly Thru Paper) is designed to instantly seal polyethylene and foil inner liners used in some flat or gusseted, open mouth, multi-wall paper bags.

Talk to the Experts

Talk directly to the experts in bag closing technology when considering which type of equipment to utilize in your application.

Our sealers are easily integrated into any existing semi or fully automated bagging lines. With more than 100 years of industrial bag closing experience, we have the “hands on” application knowledge to make sure you have the most secure bag seal on your product, all backed by superior customer service and durable equipment built to last in the toughest industrial plant environments.