Re-Inventing the Wheel for Mulch and Soil Bagging


When we introduced nVenia’s HAMER Brand 300VF – Volumetric Filler/Bagger to the mulch and soil industry in 2005, we believed using a leveling wheel for dosing soil, mulch and compost was the best way to manage accurate, repeatable bag filling.

Hundreds of installations later, our customers agree. It’s simply the best product available.

Here’s why:

  • 20” wide belt allows for accurate dosing of both mulch and soil products
  • Leveling wheel adjusts from 2” to 8” in height, so both compressed soils and fluffy mulch get measured accurately
  • Separate controls for belt speed, wheel speed and the cut off gate delivers exact control over the feeding/dosing of your products
  • SEW Eurodrive motors with VFD controls provide long wear cycles and better dosing control.
  •  No leveling chains, sprockets or clutch brake motors to wear and fail eliminates annual volumetric rebuilds, saving over $4,000.00 per year!

When combined with our Model 2090 FFS Form, Fill and Seal machines, the duo forms the heart of any mulch and soil bagging line and has become the standard of the industry.

Together they provide:

  • Single operator panel for Model 2090, Model 300VF and bulk hoppers
  • Easy to run designs – no more “man standing” by the bagging machine
  • Reduced Maintenance costs. The Model 2090 FFS will run 2-3-4 seasons on the same pulleys, saving you thousands in annual parts and rebuild costs!
  • Exclusive settling devices, bag top cleaners, bagging options, and more

All of our equipment is backed by nVenia’s dedicated SupportPro service team – delivering support, service and parts when you need them!