Unique Design On Auger Feed Net Weigh Scale Makes Cleaning Simple


The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 600NW Auger Feed Net Weigh scale is the perfect equipment solution for dosing powders, flours, spices, and chemicals in open mouth bagging operations.

Design improvements in the auger housing now allow easy access points to improve the ability to clean the augers. Simply open the top panel to blow out. Or with a quick twist of the wrench you can pull the slide gate out and completely remove the augers to clean or sterilize them.

When thorough cleaning is imperative to prevent product cross-contamination, the new quick clean auger scale design simplifies this requirement.

The Model 600NW Auger Feed scale is available in Simplex or Duplex configurations, and includes a powerful, VFD 3 HP Motor. The augers feature 6” flights and come standard in mild steel or optional 304 stainless steel augers and/or contact points.