Consumer Packaged Goods Equipment – ARPAC Brand


Eye-catching packaging plays a crucial role in establishing brand recognition and fostering consumer trust. nVenia’s ARPAC Brand provides adaptable packaging machines designed for consumer-packaged goods, enabling industrial clients to deliver the shelf appeal that consumers seek. Our packaging machines facilitate swift changeovers, allowing the efficient handling of a diverse range of products, including those in the health and beauty, household, and other sectors.

Supported by our experienced engineering team with decades of expertise in automated packaging systems, we provide comprehensive equipment solutions to optimize and streamline your packaging processes.

Tray Wrappers

Our ARPAC Brand Tray Wrappers are perfectly suited for wrapping various items such as cans, jars, floor tiles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and plates. These versatile machines excel in swiftly and efficiently wrapping multiple trays, bundles, or packs, and are available in four standard models. For customers dealing with consumer-packaged goods, we highly recommend the 25TW Model as an ideal choice.

Shrink Bundling Multipackers

Designed to precisely place logos, graphics, and advertising messages on bundles, ARPAC Brand Multipackers help industrial customers create attractive consumer packaged goods. Our BPTS Model Shrink Bundling Multipacker is an all-in-one tray/pad/shrink machine with market leading versatility and flexibility. The system reaches speeds of up to 60 bundles or trays per minute, minimizing labor requirements, increasing production output, and allowing quick changeover between products. It is designed to bundle and prepare various consumer packaged goods for shipping.  

The BPTW model is an on-demand tray wrapper that ensures the accurate placement of printed logos, graphics, and advertising messages. The automatic system wraps print-registered film around the product and shrinks the film to make bullseye-style shrink bundles attractive to the end consumer.

Wraparound Case and Tray Packers

Our ARPAC Brand DPM Model Wraparound Case and Tray Packer is a compact, intermittent motion machine ideal for various consumer packaged goods. The packer minimizes labor requirements and increases production output by reaching speeds of up to 20 cases or trays per minute. It is ideal for packaging cans, jars, and bottles since it consolidates blank feeding, product loading, case forming, and container sealing into a single machine. The packer is easily integrated into packaging lines with cartoners and shrink bundlers, tray stackers, shrink wrappers, and palletizers. nVenia’s Bag-in-a-Box end-of-line packaging solution combines a DPM Model wraparound case and tray packer and a robotic palletizer to allow industrial customers to fulfill bagged and boxed products.

Shrink Wrappers

As a leading manufacturer of high-speed shrink wrappers, our equipment has earned a global reputation for durability, consistent high quality, and innovative engineering. Our Arpac Brand XR Series Shrink Wrappers are ideal for high-speed applications requiring accurate and repeatable shrink seal quality. The equipment precisely spaces products regardless of changes in the incoming product speed and can be configured to fit a range of product shapes and sizes. 

Our consumer packaged goods equipment accommodates a wide range of finished products, preparing them for shipment and display. With our wrappers and packers, industrial customers are guaranteed durable, rugged machines that minimize labor requirements and increase production output. 

Talk with our equipment experts today to find the best equipment for your consumer-packaged goods.