FastChange Bag Spout Reduces Material Change Over Time in Open Mouth Bagging Operations


The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 1200BH Bag Hanger now features a new option called FastChange Bag Spout, which is a dual bag spout that allows for quick spout change-over.

This is ideal in animal feed, animal supplements and seed bagging operations where several products are run on the same line and packaged in bags with varying bag widths and with materials that have different flow characteristics. The Model 1200BH is by nature a very versatile bagging machine allowing flexibility and high tolerance to run virtually any type of open mouth bag. Now we have the option to build in even more time-saving value.

With FastChange dual bag hanging/filling spouts are mounted on a simple rack and wheel assembly. Pneumatic and electronic connections are all on color-coded quick connects to speed change over operations. Bag spout changes can be done in under 5 minutes instead of the 1-2 hours usually needed.

Keeping your bagging operations up and running is our mission. With the FastChange Bag Spout on the Model 1200BH, we help to maximize production output in open mouth bagging operations requiring several product and bag size changeovers.