Innovative Upright Bag Conveyor Design Maximizes Production in Feed and Seed Plants


The nVenia HAMER Brand Model 4000 is an upright bag conveyor designed to transport the bag in vertical position from the bagging scale or an automated bagging machine into the bag closer.

A shorter bag filling section runs faster than the longer bag sealing section. When combined with an open mouth bag hanger such as the Model 1200BH, this allows bags to be cleared quickly.

This quick bag transport from the fill area assists Model 1200BH performance to run at top bagging rate for the material and bag size. The 1200BH bag hanger and conveyor are a very effective equipment combination in plants bagging animal feed, feed additives, seed and grain in paper, poly, poly-woven, or poly-laminate open mouth bags.

The Model 4000 can also be used in fully automatic bagging systems or on hand bagging lines where bag transfer speed for the filling process is critical.