New Dura Thread Clipper: An Innovative Retrofit for Industrial Bag Top Sewing Applications


To add an additional feature to our industry-leading industrial bag sewing systems, nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand now offers the Dura Thread Clipper, an innovative thread cutting device for bag top sewing applications that can be retrofitted onto any 400 series Fischbein Plain Sew System.

The key advantage of the new clipper over traditional cutting methods with a rotary knife or an air thread pusher is that it has a scissor-type design that captures the thread between two, 2” cutting blades. Thread cannot wander outside of the cutting arc, which results in consistent cutting every time.

All sewn open mouth bagging applications, including animal feed bagging and seed bagging, will benefit from this product improvement. The Dura Thread Clipper ensures consistent cutting of the thread between bags and keeps your bagging line running smoothly.

The cutting blades, made from durable, long-life special tool, are easily accessed, which minimizes any downtime.

Contact us today to get this awesome retro-fit for your machine.