Packaging Equipment and Machinery for Chemical and Mineral Products


Packaging equipment and machinery for chemicals and minerals must be durable, abrasion-resistant, and efficient to operate in the harshest production environment. nVenia’s HAMER and FISCHBEIN Brands offer just those sorts of machines. With unmatched durability, abrasion-resistant steel, and a robust design, the equipment withstands rigorous packaging requirements. 

HAMER Brand Equipment

nVenia’s HAMER Brand equipment has been a market leader in large-format bagging and automated packaging solutions for over 100 years. Our packaging equipment and machinery are utilized worldwide in harsh production environments. 

FFS Bagging Machines

nVenia’s HAMER Brand introduced Large Format Horizontal Form Fill and Seal bagging automation over three decades ago. Today, we are the most trusted brand in this type of bagging automation. Our equipment provides versatility and high-speed automated bagging to various production environments. We have two models of FFS bagging machines for packaging chemicals and minerals.

  • The 2090 Model is the most capable and flexible industrial form, fill, & seal packaging system available. With high-speed operation features and improved machine uptime, this packaging equipment reduces customers’ annual maintenance costs by almost sixty percent. The machine’s powder-coated steel frame along with multiple corrosion-resistant coated or stainless steel component options allow it to operate in corrosive production environments while keeping operations simple and efficient.
  • The Model 3100 operates in demanding production environments involving mining, minerals, corrosives, and aggregates. The equipment offers longevity and high speed to production lines and can be used as a stand-alone packaging machine or integrated into a fully automated packaging line. 

See our equipment deployed in one of the country’s hot markets: fertilizer. Watch our HAMER Brand form-fill-seal machines deploy along with robotic palletizing cells for a fully automated solution. 

Robotic Bag Palletizers

As the leading robotic palletizer in North America, we offer the highest-quality palletizing systems. We have the expertise to program both Yaskawa and Fanuc brand palletizers, a service most competitors do not provide. The competitive pricing of Yaskawa and Fanuc Robotics ensures customers receive outstanding service and a great return on their automation investment. Our fully automatic robotic bag palletizer utilizes automated in-feed conveyors to pace product in-feed to the pick-and-place palletizing station. This is the ideal end-of-line packaging equipment and machinery for stacking products for shipment

FISCHBEIN Brand Equipment

For over 100 years, nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand equipment has set the industry standard for reliable open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. FISCHBEIN bag sealers are known for their durability, compact design, and innovative features. Our engineered packaging equipment and machinery solutions meet industry requirements for sealing products with heavy production synchronous sewing systems.

Pinch Bag Closers

Our pinch bag closers (PBC) easily integrate into semi or fully-automated bagging lines, making FISCHBEIN the trusted brand of open-mouth sewing systems. Our heavy-duty pinch bag closers come in two different models for packaging chemicals and minerals. 

The PBC Model 6000 and Model 8000 produce sift-resistant bag closures for products, including pesticides and fertilizers. The stainless-steel Model 6000 is designed for use in highly corrosive environments with pinch-style paper bags. The Model 8000 is designed for high-volume bagging applications and features a variable speed, direct drive system. FISCHBEIN bag closers eliminate bag jams and allow easy access for cleaning and servicing.

The FISCHBEIN Brand Pinch Inner liner Sealer - PILS300SS and PILS330SS - both are stainless steel construction for corrosive environments and create a sift proof seal on the inner liner which can be critical for high value product that you wish to protect from air and moisture during storage and transport.

Our robots are simple to operate during product changeover and offer safety and reliability in every production environment. Their sturdy structures tolerate salt, sand, chemicals, and other abrasive materials, making them the optimal choice for chemical and mineral packaging equipment and machinery. 

Talk with our equipment experts today to find the best packaging equipment and machinery for packaging your chemical and mineral products.