Packaging Equipment for Construction and Building Materials


Packaging machinery for construction and building materials needs to be exceptionally robust to endure harsh production environments. The packaging itself must shield the products from various elements while also captivating the end consumer. At nVenia, our ARPAC and HAMER Brands provide specialized equipment precisely tailored to meet these demands. With our cutting-edge machinery, producers can efficiently and accurately fulfill the continually growing demand for these crucial materials.

ARPAC Brand Equipment

Benefiting from more than 45 years of industry experience, nVenia's ARPAC Brand is dedicated to crafting integrated, purpose-built production lines. Supported by our skilled engineering team, we provide comprehensive solutions that optimize and streamline your packaging operations. Our offerings encompass three distinct types of equipment specifically tailored for packaging construction and building materials.

Shrink Bundling Multipackers

Designed to place logos, graphics, and advertising messages precisely on bundles, ARPAC Brand Multipackers create attractive products for consumers. Our equipment accommodates a wide range of finished products, including unitized products on pads or trays and unsupported film-only applications.

Our BPSW model is designed to operate in harsh and demanding production environments, especially in the roofing shingle industry. It runs on demand and can produce up to 50 shrink-wrapped bundles per minute. 

The BPTW model ensures the accurate placement of printed logos, graphics, and advertising messages. The automatic system wraps print-registered film around the product and shrinks the film to make bullseye-style shrink bundles that are attractive to the end consumer.

Tray Wrappers

Our ARPAC Brand Tray Wrappers quickly and efficiently wrap multiple trays, bundles, or packs. The 45TW Model Tray Wrapper is designed for use in packaging construction and building materials. It can wrap up to 45 products per minute in a single-tier or stacked arrangement. The machine’s rugged design ensures years of reliable service even in the harshest environments. 

Shrink Wrappers

ARPAC Brand S Series Shrink Wrappers are high-performance wrappers designed to increase productivity, reduce wear & tear on parts, and eliminate time and energy waste. We engineered the equipment to increase productivity, reduce wear and tear on parts, and eliminate wasted time and energy. The S Series is available in a traditional cross seal or a top seal orientation to accommodate a wide range of products at up to 120 packages per minute.

HAMER Brand Equipment

For over a century, our HAMER Brand Equipment has maintained its position as a market leader in large-format bagging and automated packaging solutions. Our machines, renowned globally, are meticulously engineered to endure the most challenging production settings.


As the leading robotic palletizer in North America, we offer the highest-quality palletizing systems. Our Fully Automatic Robotic Bag Palletizer stacks products on empty pallets to prepare them for the in-line stretch wrapping equipment. Watch the palletizer at work in an integrated line to see how it can benefit your construction and building materials packaging operations. 


Our HAMER Brand pallet dispenser and pallet sheet dispenser are designed for use in an automated palletizing system. They are durable, reliable, and easy to maintain. The Pallet Slip Sheet Dispenser is built for endurance and reliability in challenging environments. It picks up and delivers a slip sheet on top of an empty pallet for use in an automated palletizing system. The Pallet Dispenser ensures that pallets are consistently fed to the bag palletizing station and is also designed for use in an automated palletizing system. 

Form Fill & Seal Bagging Machine

Our form, fill, and seal bagging equipment provide versatility and high-speed automated bagging to various production environments. The and Model 3100 are the most capable and flexible industrial form, fill, and seal packaging machines available. These machines feature high-speed production, straightforward operation, and simple maintenance. Their structure is built with a sturdier frame and offers a range of corrosion resistant options for use in heavy duty product application, and for product types that are corrosive in nature.

Our equipment experts are here to help you find the best equipment to help you package your construction and building materials accurately and efficiently. Our innovative equipment offers the accuracy, reliability, and durability that building materials suppliers seek at a competitive price.

nVenia’s ARPAC and HAMER Brand equipment is designed to withstand harsh production environments while packaging loads of heavy, corrosive, and rough products. Contact our equipment experts today to find the best machines for packaging your construction and building materials.