Reliable and Accurate Bagging: 100GW Gross Weigh Scale


The 100GW Gross Weigh Scale from nVenia’s HAMER Brand is an accurate and reliable alternative to older scale designs.

The two load cell design and digital weigh indicator makes this scale accurate within +/- 1oz, much higher accuracy rates than your old bagging scale. This decreases product giveaway and increases bottom line profits. The speed to fill a bag is on average between two and three seconds. This allows you to fill more bags per hour and decrease labor costs.

We have 100GW Gross Weigh Scales in stock on a regular basis, which means you can increase profits that much sooner. Plus, installation is easy. Just take the scale out of the box, bolt it up and start bagging. The dual voltage indicator at 220 or 110 volts (50/60 Hz) makes this scale ready out of the box and usable in most any country in the world.

Accuracy, reliability and the ability to use this scale anywhere in the world makes the 100GW Gross Weigh Scale the best choice for your bagging needs.