Seed Bagging Plants Show Productivity and Profitability Gains with New Gross Weigh Scales


Hand bagging seeds for agricultural use is done in hundreds of small plants across North America and thousands worldwide.  

For the past 30 years, simple gross weigh hand bagging scales have been the heart of these bagging lines. Easy to use and maintain, they provide the basic function of clamping a bag in place while weighing its contents.  

The only problem is that those scales run slow and typically are not very accurate. If a plant needs to bag more than 6 or 8 bags per minute, it generally requires a second scale line.  

This really causes problems during peak season, where overtime hours are needed simply because the scale won’t run fast enough. That’s expensive for plant operators. In addition, many gross weigh scales are not very accurate. It’s not uncommon to see product giveaway in excess of 1/4 to 1/2 (or more) of a pound per bag. That’s expensive!

The new Model 100GW  gross weigh scale from nVenia’s HAMER Brand provides accuracy down to +/- 1 oz and will bag accurately at rates up to 16 bags per minute.  

How did we achieve this significant improvement in bagging? We based the design of our gross weigh scale off our proven model 600NW net weigh scale technology. Using two load cells in our exclusive compression mounting system and a high-speed digital weight indicator, we are able to provide a true next generation design to the seed industry.