Equipment for the Packaging of Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals


For more than four decades, nVenia's OHLSON and ARPAC Brands have been crafting packaging machinery tailored to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and medical sectors. These systems provide advanced primary and secondary packaging solutions, delivering high efficiency to meet the unique requirements of nutraceutical packaging.

OHLSON Brand Equipment

nVenia's OHLSON Brand incorporates distinctive design elements tailored to handle gummy nutraceuticals and various other products. Noteworthy features include pivot chutes, dimpled steel surfaces, and spinning cones. OHLSON Brand's conveyors, weighers, and counters are meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the packaging needs of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical products.

Conveyors & Material Handling

Our various conveyors and material handling machines are designed to meet industry-specific needs for the packaging of nutraceuticals. They automate manual tasks, reduce labor costs, and precisely move products and containers through the production line. We recommend 4 different machines for packaging gummy nutraceuticals: 

  • Supply hoppers allow for the steady delivery of product onto a conveyor, bucket elevator, weigher, or other equipment. They are typically integrated into weighing and filling systems. We have three supply hopper options to meet customers’ needs: A floor-level supply hopper, a pneumatic supply hopper, and a conveyorized hopper.
  • OHLSON Brand bucket elevators work with weighing and packing machines to move products vertically for additional processing or packaging. The equipment increases the accuracy and efficiency of product supply and packing systems.
  • nVenia’s OHLSON Brand Gummy Indexing System features distribution pivot chutes, dimpled steel surfaces, spinning cones, and more to help gummy products move quickly through the system without clumping. The system includes single, double, or quad-lane indexing conveyors, allowing high-speed filling of up to 16 containers.
  • nVenia designs indexing conveying solutions for various rigid container formats used in the packaging of nutraceuticals, including bottles, jars, trays, and clamshells. These conveyors reduce labor costs through automated processes and precise movement of containers.

Weighers and Counters

OHLSON Brand stainless steel weighers and counters rank among industry leaders in performance and reliability. They can complete various high-accuracy and high-speed applications, reaching speeds of more than 200 cycles per minute. The weighers and counters can package nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products of virtually any weight or shape.

ARPAC Brand Equipment

The secondary packaging equipment from nVenia's ARPAC Brand is widely employed for shrink-wrapping multipacks comprising pill bottles, vials, syringe boxes, medical tubes, multivitamin containers, and other medical supplies. These versatile packaging solutions are adept at accommodating diverse product sizes and shapes, including ovals, rounds, rectangles, tubes, and vials. The ARPAC Brand's shrink bundlers, multipackers, and wrappers prove to be ideal additions to packaging lines dealing with nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medical products.

Shrink Bundlers and Multipackers

Our shrink bundlers and print-registered multipackers accommodate a wide range of finished products, including unitized products on pads or trays and unsupported film-only applications. We have an extensive range of standard and customizable models of ARPAC Brand Shrink Bundlers designed to bundle, wrap, and transfer products during the packaging of nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. 

  • The ARPAC Brand 708HB Model Shrink Bundler is a right-angle, intermittent motion shrink bundler specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, health, and beauty industries. It can shrink-wrap up to 20 bundles per minute in a single-lane configuration. The machine’s slim frame and design allow for clean and safe operation.
  • The 708HBD Model Shrink Bundler has the same features as the 708HB Model, but it can wrap up to 40 bundles per minute in a dual-lane configuration. Customers can operate the equipment in a dual-lane mode for higher output or in a single-lane mode to
  • Our BPTS Model offers a compact, modular design with dedicated tray loading, or it can expand to include film wrapping and shrinking all in one machine. Additionally, with its comprehensive design, the BPTS can load over six product lanes into a single tray.

Shrink Wrappers

As a leading manufacturer of high-speed shrink wrappers, our equipment has earned a global reputation for durability, consistently high quality, and innovative engineering. are high-performance wrappers designed to increase productivity, reduce wear and tear on parts, and eliminate time and energy waste in the packaging of nutraceuticals.

nVenia's OHLSON and ARPAC Brand equipment embody optimal features for the packaging of nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical items. Our systems enhance efficiency by automating manual tasks, lowering labor costs, and ensuring the precise movement of products and containers along the production line.

Talk with our equipment experts today to learn how nVenia’s OHLSON and ARPAC brand equipment can help you package your nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products.