Hamer Brand Model 8800NWI – GV Net Weigh Bagging Scale

The Hamer Brand 8800NWi -GV (Gravity-Vibratory) Integrated Net Weigh Bagging Scale is designed for optimum bagging speed, and consistency in weight accuracy for packaging free and semi-free flowing products.  The unit comes with an air operated, double-door weigh hopper suspended from dual strain gauge weigh sensor modules (load cells) mounted in a dust-tight, air purged compartment. The FASTRAC VI™ control platform features an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and an interactive, 7” Red Lion Color HMI.  Highlights of the program include: Intuitive screen layout, 60 customizable (alpha-numeric) program storage capacity, auto-calibrate with user selectable frequency, auto-tare for compensation of product buildup, on-board diagnostics, real-time data acquisition (last 1000 weighments) along with optional data collection, reporting and remote monitoring/troubleshooting capabilities via Ethernet communications. Fills flat and gusseted multi-wall paper, polyethylene, and woven polypropylene bags ranging from 10 to 24 inches in width.  The Model 8800NWi -GV scale can be used in conjunction with our bag hangers or integrated with our fully automated handling systems.  Hamer-Fischbein may require product samples and bags for testing purposes.

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  • Mild steel construction, stainless steel weigh hopper (see options for all stainless-steel contacts)
  • Weigh hopper features smooth steep vertical wall design
  • FASTRAC VI™ controls housed in free standing, mild steel powder-coated NEMA 4 enclosure
  • Processes up to 14 BPM Simplex, 22 BPM Duplex (material flow dependent)
  • Variable bulk gate opening size with automatic motorized adjustment
  • Printer interface capability
  • Digital display in pounds or kilos

Standard Specs


  • Simplex: up to 16 BPM
  • Duplex: up to 22 BPM

Bag Types

  • Width: 10″ to 24″ for Gravity and Vibratory
  • Flat and gusseted multi-wall paper, polyester, and woven polypropylene

Electrical Requirements

  • Simplex: 20VAC, 1Ph, 60Hz, 4.4A
  • Duplex:  120VAC, 1Ph, 60Hz, 7.8A

Air Requirements

  • Simplex: 3.5 SCFM @ 60 PSI constant
  • Duplex: 6.0 SCFM @ 60 PSI constant


  • Simplex: 34” W, 42″ D, height per facility requirements
  • Duplex: 68” W, 42” D, height per facility requirements



  • Round discharge spout in mild steel
  • Round discharge spout in stainless steel
  • Oval to round bag clamp in mild steel
  • Oval to round bag clamp in stainless steel
  • Square to round transition in stainless steel
  • Swing away discharge hopper
  • Antenna switch operation
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Enhanced dust control – Simplex/Duplex
  • Air vibrator for dust hopper – Simplex/Duplex
  • Oversize weigh hopper greater than 2.8 CF up to 5.0 CF – Simplex/Duplex
  • Segmented weigh hopper
  • Sample tube (takes small sample from each dump) – Simplex/Duplex
  • Fiberglass control enclosure (NEMA 4x)
  • Stainless steel control enclosure (NEMA 4X)
  • 40 column printer package
  • Special anti-corrosion package includes plastic air fittings, sealtite and fittings, stainless steel air cylinders and fasteners – Simplex/Duplex
  • CR Plus – 2 part corrosion resistant powder coat finish – Simplex/Duplex
  • Ethernet Option – Adds Ethernet router and switch
  • Data Collection Option – Includes Ethernet Option, adds Red Lion Data Station Plus
  • Reporting Software – Includes Ethernet & Data Collection Options, adds XLReporter

 Note 1: Foot or antenna switch required if clamp option furnished

Note 2: All Net Weigh Scales require a Bag Spout for manual applications