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nVenia Equipment Brands: OHLSON

nVenia’s Ohlson brand equipment provides quality automatic and semi-automatic net weighing and counting machines. Our machines specialize in automating repetitive tasks while efficiently packaging and transporting products in the food industry.

Handling Difficult Products: Jerky Dicing and Packaging

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in demand for jerky products, ranging from traditional beef jerky to other protein sources like chicken, turkey, and even plant-based options. This increased popularity can be attributed to the growing trend of protein-rich and low-carbohydrate diets, such as the keto diet,...

nVenia Equipment Brands: FISCHBEIN

nVenia’s Fischbein brand equipment provides reliable open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. Our machines sew and seal various bag materials containing products from industries including food, medical, and chemical applications.

How to Design Layouts to Optimize Production Line Footprint

The layout of a production line plays a crucial role in optimizing the efficiency of the manufacturing process. A well-designed layout can improve material flow, increase production rates, and reduce waste, while also ensuring the safety of the operators. In this article, we will discuss some tips for designing layouts...

Overcome Labor Shortages with Automation

nVenia equips your facility to streamline your packaging processes with packaging automation systems designed to help you fill today’s labor gap while increasing output and maintaining consistent quality.

Breaking Down nVenia’s Equipment Brands

Combining the Duravant brands Arpac, Hamer, Fischbein, and Ohlson, nVenia provides packaging and equipment solutions for many industries.

Top 5 Things People Forget When Planning for Automation

Automation can bring many benefits to a business, such as increased efficiency and cost savings. However, it’s important to remember that automation requires careful planning and execution. There are several key considerations that are often forgotten when planning for automation that can negatively impact the success of the project. In...

The Benefits of Working with a Full Line Integrator

Companies like nVenia, as your packaging machine suppliers, can provide a wide range of primary, secondary, and end-of-line packaging systems thanks to our many capabilities. Expertise like this provides producers with peace of mind knowing that each component of your packaging line has been designed and configured to work in...

Improving Continuing Education in Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is facing a skills gap that will lead to 2.1 million unfilled jobs by 2030. Implementing continuing education strategies now can help to close that skills gap and lead to a boom in this industry.

How Employee Roles Are Expected to Shift in the Manufacturing Industry

Employee roles in manufacturing are shifting from manual tasks to work involving data analysis, robotics, and automation. However, safety and quality control still remain important in the industry.

Challenges of Executing a Connected Factory Model

The connected factory (or smart factory) model is the way of the future. However, for many manufacturers, there is a gap between the concept of this model and the effective execution of the systems needed to make this model a reality.

Package Design To Reduce Carbon Footprint

The need for carbon neutrality is on the rise. The simplest, most effective method of bringing your company to more ethical production is a sustainable product and packaging design.