Packaging Equipment and Machinery for Food and Beverage Products


nVenia's comprehensive food and beverage packaging solutions stem from our renowned OHLSON, ARPAC, and FISCHBEIN Brands, delivering primary, secondary, and end-of-line options. These three brands collectively offer a streamlined pathway from conceptualization to the final product, ensuring the most cost-effective ownership experience. Our dedicated equipment experts collaborate closely with you to pinpoint the optimal packaging equipment and machinery tailored to your specific industry requirements.


OHLSON Brand equipment serves packaging equipment companies in various industries by automating repetitive and labor-intensive processes. The equipment efficiently packages products into bags, bottles, pre-made pouches, cups, clam-shell containers, and more. Our weigher and counter systems and VFFS bagging machines are ideal for food industry production lines.

Weigher and Counter Systems

OHLSON Brand stainless steel weighers and counters rank among industry leaders in performance and reliability. They can complete various high-accuracy and high-speed applications, reaching speeds of more than 200 cycles per minute. Manufacturers rely on them to process confectionery products, bakery items, cookies, cereals, snacks, chips, and nuts.

Linear Weigher Systems are ideal for automating highly repetitive and labor-intensive processes. The customizable systems range from single-lane to eight-lane models. Customers can start with one lane and add additional capacity as production increases. Each lane typically does the work of four to five hand-packers.

Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal (VFFS) Bagging Machines

nVenia’s OHLSON Brand vertical bagging systems are typically utilized in the food packaging industry. The machines deliver perfect pillow bags every time for food and other applications. These automatic packaging units feature color touchscreen displays, auto film detection, dual servo control, and more.

ROFS Pre-Made Pouch Filling Machines

Pre-manufactured pouch machines are gaining increasing popularity due to consumers' ongoing preference for individually packaged servings. The recently revamped OHLSON Brand Rotary Premade Pouch Filling Machine is designed to optimize production output for filling pre-made bags or stand-up pouches with products.


nVenia’s ARPAC Brand specializes in producing integrated, fit-for-purpose production lines to meet your secondary and end-of-line packaging needs. Our secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions ensure your products arrive safely and securely. ARPAC Brand packaging equipment and machinery also help manufacturers increase shelf appeal by using labels that are attractive to consumers. 


Our ARPAC Brand automatic palletizers are engineered for durability and reliability and provide equipment options for conventional or robotic palletizing systems. These models are easily integrated into your complete packaging line and eliminate labor-intensive work while handling heavy products and stacking pallets to exact specifications. Our H1200 and H1300 Models are fully automatic case, tray, bundle, or bag palletizer systems. These models provide the highest speeds in a reliable, modular, and flexible format. Additionally, nVenia has developed an industry-leading expertise in robotic palletizing lines that bring tremendous flexibility, low cost of ownership, and high reliability.

Shrink Bundling Multipackers

Our shrink bundlers and print-registered multipackers accommodate a wide range of finished products, including unitized products on pads or trays and unsupported film-only applications. Our BPTS Model Shrink Bundling Multipacker is a continuous motion, inline, combination shrink wrapping machine. The system reaches speeds of up to 60 bundles per minute, minimizing labor requirements, increasing production output, and allowing quick changeover between products. 

Designed to precisely place logos, graphics, and advertising messages on bundles, the BPTW model wraps print-registered film around the product and shrinks the film to make bullseye-style shrink bundles attractive to the end consumer.

Tray Wrapper

Our ARPAC Brand 45TW Model Tray Wrapper is ideal for wrapping items like cans, jars, floor tiles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and plates. The machine quickly and efficiently wraps multiple trays, bundles, or packs in a single-tier or stacked arrangement. Its rugged design ensures years of reliable service for packaging equipment companies. 


nVenia’s FISCHBEIN Brand bag sealers and sewers set the industry standard for reliable open-mouth bag sewing and sealing systems. We have engineered solutions to meet industry requirements, from handheld bag closers to automatic bagging systems to heavy production synchronous sewing systems.

Pinch Inner Liner Sealers

Under the nVenia label, our bag sealers are known for their durability, compact design, and innovative features. The equipment easily integrates into semi or fully automated bagging lines, making FISCHBEIN the trusted brand of open-mouth sewing systems. Each machine is designed with a specific purpose to bag products efficiently in various production environments.

The PILS 300 and PILS 330 feature a continuous sealing process that sequentially seals a bag’s inner liner. The PILS 300 seals the top of a pre-glued bag, while the PILS 330 seals and perforates the bag’s inner liner, creating a bag inside a bag. Both models are available in a stainless-steel version.

Pinch Bag Closers

Our heavy-duty pinch bag closers come in three different models. The PBC Model 6000 and Model 8000 produce sift-resistant bag closures for food additives, baking powders, flour, and milled products. The stainless steel Model 6000 is designed for use in highly corrosive environments with pinch-style paper bags. FISCHBEIN bag closers eliminate bag jams and allow easy access for cleaning and servicing. 

From handling raw products to wrapping a pallet for shipment, nVenia’s packaging equipment and machinery offer the most cost-effective solutions to integrate your entire food or beverage packaging line. Our OHLSON Brand equipment automates highly manual processes, while ARPAC and FISCHBEIN equipment ensures your products arrive safe, secure, and ready for display. 

Our equipment experts work closely with you and your team to find the right solutions for your packaging line. Contact us today to discover the best packaging equipment and machinery to see your products from concept to creation with the lowest total cost of ownership.